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We are
investment bankers


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We are a

deal factory.

We are an

M&A Studio.

Independent M&A and fundraising advisor

dedicated to pushing sparkling entrepreneurs forward.

Company Sale

We design and implement the best strategies for your exit. As former CEOs, we know how to find the right Partner to build the right Project at the right Price.

External Growth

We are synergy explorers and market switch responsive, constantly scouting innovative, disruptive and meaningful external growth opportunities for our clients.


From roadshow to closing, we guide innovative entrepreneurs to raise funds from beffiting VC funds, banks, corporate ventures and private investors.

We are
natural born

We specialize in turning your

business history into legend.


We think out of the box.

yet we check all cases


We design innovative strategies that lead to success.

we never improvise, but when do, we do it great


We craft flawless cases to master the game.

negotiations are like boxing - and we do box, twice a week


To close deal or not to be.

Prince Hamlet

Team sport has a unique value : it is to be able to be ahead of its time. It allows us to share fantastic feelings with people with whom we cannot speak. In this sense, team sport is a model. When the tennis becomes Davis Cup, it express something which does not exist otherwise. The golf with Ryder Cup also. People feel it. The vibration is there.

Arsène WengerLegendary Coach

We are
very serious

team players.

Jean-Pierre Séguret

Founding Partner

Alexis Delb

Founding Partner

Frédéric Danel


Pierre Paumier


Ryder & Davis

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